Mark T. Palmer, PhD​

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Who is Mark T. Palmer, PhD?

I am a licensed psychologist meeting with my clients in Denver, Colorado.  I have  two PhDs; one in Clinical Psychology and one in Interpersonal  Communication.  I have had experience as a therapist working with people of ages from 7 to 70, and with various ethnic, cultural, and gender backgrounds.  My clients have brought a wide variety of psychological and spiritual problems to our work together and we have faced and worked through the many difficulties that come with them.  I am also an Advanced Candidate at the C. G. Jung Institute of Colorado in Denver preparing for a diploma in Jungian Analysis.  My faith in natural and positive change that can come from therapy has been sustained and encouraged by my clients. My greatest heroes are the ones I meet everyday in my office.​

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For each there is a path...

I believe that we all have a natural inclination and desire to be happy and successful. However, the path to happiness and personal success can become confused and disrupted. When we experience psychological problems we may feel "stuck,"  frustrated, anxious, depressed, or angry, and generally cut-off from others. We may even feel cut off or blocked from being the person we want to be.  When this happens, life seems to lose its meaning and we begin to lose hope for the future.​  Sometimes we can see where we want to go, but can't see how to get there. Or, perhaps we are experiencing a major life transition such as marriage, retirement, loss of a job, loss of a loved one, etc.  At those time we might feel there is no personal compass to rely on and the prospect of change is scary and full of unknowns.

Psychology and psychotherapy can help us develop the skills to become aware of what is happening inside us and in the world around us. When we gain that insight, we can develop ways to cope with the obstacles in our path. We can then re-gain our sense of purpose  and by knowing more about ourselves and others, get back on the path toward a full and happy life. It is possible to transform and change negative problems, emotions through psychotherapy. We can, through psychotherapy deal with strong moods and emotions and re-discover our internal compass and the values and character that will lead us through positive change safely.

In psychotherapy we can find a safe place to unpack emotional and painful experiences and expose them to a transformational process which results in greater power to understand and control our lives.  We re-discover what it feels like to be on our own path in life.


If you are:

  • Experiencing difficulties with depression or anxiety or problems in relationships
  • Trouble expressing feelings and want to improve your ability to communicate and relate to other
  • Trying to find or re-discover meaning in your life, your work, and your relationships
  • In search of your genuine Self and your own true path in life
  • Working through a major and difficult life transition

...then please read on and find out how psychotherapy may be able to help

Psychotherapy and Your Path