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Depth Psychology

My overall approach to my work is directed by a Jungian psychology orientation. This means that I believe that our entire life is a process of growth and change.  Many problems may arise because we or others block our growth  and therefore we become stuck.  When that happens, we loose sight of ourselves, our goals, and our promise of happiness and fulfillment.  In these cases we are separated from our self and from the sources of our personal energy and the energy that is available in the world around us.  This separation leads to depression, feelings of worthlessness, feelings of being lost, fear about the future, fear of aging, or just plain feelings of emptiness. Sometimes it drives us inward and to isolation, other times it drives us to poor life decisions, resentment of others, and relational problems. 

My approach challenges my clients to look inward to find and discover the depth and breadth of their own personal psychology.  It encourages one to not be afraid of what they find there, including memories, past and present wounds, habitual fears or false beliefs.  When we fully experience the depths of our lives and personalities, we connect with the energy that has been denied or bottle up there.  This energy can be re-directed to healing and growth.  The goal is to once again to experience growth appropriate to the age and time in our life. By consciously experiencing what has been ignored, denied, or unavailable to us, the potential for growing into our full potential becomes possible. Of course this kind of personal work is not easy, but it promises longer and deeper relief and necessary change.  It can lead to a greater awareness and facility with our own personal path in life and provide the motivation and inner strength to pursue it.

As a Jungian psychotherapist and a Humanist, my psychotherapy work assumes that the Self is an inner and deeper part of who we are and is what we might psychologically consider to be the Soul.  This assumption is NOT to dismiss a spiritual or religious definition of the Soul. Actually, it is to provide another way of looking at, communicating with, and getting in touch with our spirituality.  I am not a pastor, priest, or minister; but, I believe all human beings posses a soul or spiritual center. Psychology can play its part in supporting the growth of a person toward integrating the Self or their "Soul" into their conscious lives. Therefore, for me the work of psychotherapy is about a person coming into touch with the Self and the deeper meanings of life which empower them to attain their full human potential.

Not everyone who I work with wishes to pursue this kind of self-discovery.  As I stated elsewhere, my method is to start where person is, address their concerns and needs, and to form an individual approach to help them achieve the healing, happiness, and peace they desire.  However, some choose to move in the direction of depth psychology and that is available to them.  

I am currently a candidate for a diploma and certification as a Jungian Analyst.  This process has increased my knowledge and experience with depth psychology.

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